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For years, Lisa has been on a mission to motivate and inspire people to be the architect of their life. She helps people live with more inention so that they start showing up for their life. She helps people discover what truly matters to them so that they can live with more purpose and direction. Lisa helps people to see their true potential while giving them the guidance and wisdom they may need to tap into this potential and ignite the motivation to transform their life and begin accessing their power every day!

Lisa gets excited about helping people to become conscious of their unconscious negative behaviors, habits, and limiting beliefs in order to retrain their brain for success and happiness.  Lisa has come to realize after many years of studying and training with today's top thought and spiritual leaders, trainers, neuroscientist and more, along with her own success in a direct sales business the power in understanding how people’s perceptions in life have been trained into beliefs in their subconscious minds from a very young age, and learning the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind and how it affects how they operate in life today.

Lisa has been helping people for years by providing tools and techniques tailored to each individual's needs and groups of individuals through coaching, training programs, keynotes, and lectures that will turn any challenge or obstacle into an opportunity.  Lisa has been helping people understand how they operate in life in ways that have not been serving them well, may be uncomfortable, but only allows for growth through retraining the brain in ways that allow new ways of operating that provide success, happiness, and well-being both personally and professionally.

After graduating from Champlain College she started her career in the corporate world, then after several years found herself taking time to raise her children before returning to a direct sales business that provided the flexibility that she was looking for, and spent 10 years there where she remained in the top 1% of the company hitting high levels of success and earning many awards and accolades and 9 incentive trips, while also remaining #1 in her state for 9 years out of an average of 33,000 representatives nationwide.  During those years Lisa was also featured as a highly successful leader, top sales producer, guest speaker on a national conference panel, guest speaker on nationwide training calls and more. Because of Lisa’s success people were turning to her for continued guidance, that is when Lisa decided to become a certified life coach and then move into public speaking and training.

Lisa continues to offer her services as a motivational keynote speaker for direct sales businesses, conferences, expos, conventions, corporate and association markets, schools, sports teams or any organization that wishes to motivate, understand the power in a powerful positive mindset, improve their people’s morale, teamwork, and ultimately achieve more results in their professional and personal life.

With her background in direct sales and managing a very successful team, Lisa has honed her skills to motivate audiences who are often hard to motivate.  As a result of her engaging, and fun personality, Lisa connects with her audiences immediately and delivers content that they can put to use right away.

Lisa has helped members on her team hit levels of success they were only dreaming of, along with clients going from a mindset of not good enough with bad credit to having a powerful positive mindset with no debt and $30K in a savings account.  To finding their ideal life partner and owning their own successful business.  To hitting “off the charts” sales numbers which allowed for a new level of success and promotion within their company.  Just to name a few client successes.  Lisa is a Master at setting goals and aligning with them, and she finds so much reward in helping others do the same.

In addition to her role as a motivational keynote speaker, trainer, and coach Lisa is also in the process of writing and launching her first book.  When not delivering upbeat motivational programs for audiences or working with coaching clients, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling to exciting new places and meeting new people and learning about different cultures, she loves fashion, interior design, golf, socializing with friends, gardening and embracing life to the fullest. 


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